About Us

Welcome to the World of Parenting Multiples!

No matter if you knew from the beginning, or the news you were expecting multiple babies did not come until close to the end, the words “there is more than one” are still a surprise.  It changes your perspective of what your future holds.  Managing two or more babies presents challenges that you may or may not have considered already.  Fear of the unknown sets in and now you are really anxious about how to make it all work.

Let us help you find your answers.  We are a group of families who provide each other with fellowship and support throughout these busy times.  We share the common bond of enjoying the experiences of raising twins, triplets and more.  How about two sets of twins?  How about newborn triplets with additional children at home?  How about four children under four?  Professional career moms, stay at home moms, moms managing home based businesses – we have proof that it is all possible!

Feel free to give the club a try!  Attend a meeting, visit a playgroup or join us for dinner.  We have all been in your shoes and understand the restrictions on your free time.  You are not alone and we can provide the support you need.

Mothers of Multiples get Multiple Hugs!

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